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At Databay Academy, we want our students to succeed in their career. We believe that through the use of relevant case studies, our students will be better positioned for their career. As a result, our past students have successfully gone through internships at large institutions in different industries. 

In the contemporary world, any occupation requires basic coding knowledge and the Databay program offers to help one get the first step into coding. As an upcoming analyst in the banking industry, the program was very helpful and I believe the knowledge useful and applicable to future analytical projects in work. Databay is amazing because it offers easy-to-follow instructions, customized learning experience, and assistance from tutors during class to make sure one gets in-depth understanding. I myself fumbled many times during the class, but managed to pull through with the tips the individual tutors gave me. And all this comes with a delicious dinner! Databay makes learning experience easy and fun. 10/10 would recommend.

Julia Kang

HSBC Graduate Analyst

Unlike many generic online or classroom-based coding courses, Data Bay Academy's courses truly caters to students' needs. The teaching pace was great when it comes to ensuring that both beginner and intermediate coders can have a comfortable learning experience. The tutors are always proactively offering assistance across the classroom, allowing everyone to get a good grasp of the content that was being taught. If you're looking to develop some coding skills in a fun and comfortable environment, look no further!

Jason Lau

UBS Wealth Management Intern

The DC1001 Python course has provided me with a strong fundamental understanding of the Python language and how it is used to extract information from tons of data in the business world. From Uber to Instagram, the course has multiple case studies to enhance your understanding. I have done all the “Try-it-yourself” questions and they really force me to put the classes into practice. The tutors and the teacher are amazingly friendly, always offering their assistance and looking out for confused students. If you are looking to be a business professional with an understanding of coding, or simply learn coding in a fun and nurturing environment, Data Bay is the course for you!

Sparsh Singhal

Privé  Technologies Intern

Digital transformation is upon us. At Data Bay, you can empower yourself to become future ready through exposure to programming languages such as Python. With such a wide array of capabilities that can be used across a multitude of industries, coding not only adds value for all kinds of jobs but also your own skillsets. At the same time, Data Bay’s class size allows optimal student learning which is catered to your own needs and pace. I am really glad to have completed the program - especially with supportive teaching assistants who are always there to help during any point of the classes.

Nicole Sze

Deloitte Audit Associate

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